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The Bean Counter November 2018

Tags: The Bean Counter November 2018

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The weather has been a challenge all year and this fall is no exception. The area around the plant has experienced about 200% of the average rain fall. We understand that nationwide there is an excellent crop even though the local area is lagging behind with harvest and our yields won’t be as good.

Despite the weather the plant is looking forward to a very good year profit wise. The third quarter financials look very good and projections for the fourth quarter are looking good as margins remain strong.

MnSP has pursued three ventures which are starting to show results. The Advonex oil project is moving along with the closing of key investors by year end. Advonex has won several major awards in the US and Europe for their technology and innovations. They will use our oil in their process.

MnSP formed NACC our marketing branch which is developing relationships with key customers to enlarge our footprint in the industry. We are a small company but have been able to expand our customer base. NACC markets our products and will market for Advonex and NDSP.

We have hired a firm to help finish the NDSP equity drive.  Since we started the NDSP project over two years ago times have changed the outlook has changed as well. The forecast for the plant has become more profitable. If you have thought about investing in the project, contact the office and we can get you the information prospectus.

The purpose of these three projects was to grow our company and increase the value of your investment.

Again I must ask you to complete the Qualified Investor Status. We desperately need more on file for the Securities and Exchange Commission.  I understand your hesitation. You do not need to provide any financial information and only need to check the qualified line or write “not qualified investor” on the status form and return to MnSP. Your status makes no difference to us. We just need to have the paperwork on file

Everyone please be safe this harvest season.

Bruce Hill, Board President            

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