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Policies & Instructions

New Bean Receiving Instructions

  1. Minnesota Soybean Processors communications on CB Channel 19.
  2. Present card to reader, provide delivery information.
  3. When green light is displayed, proceed to receiving.  Reject loads will be notifies prior to receiving.
  4. Step out of truck and off the scale, present card to reader and wait for green light.  Begin dumping,
  5. When finished dumping, present card to reader.  Load information will be displayed on computer.
  6. When load information is complete, validate and sign in the space provided and deposit card in bin.

Delivery Policies

  • Spot Market – all bushels delivered over the contracted amount will be priced out at the market close of the following business day.  If you would like to establish a price before the following day's market close, contact a merchandiser (888-842-6677)
  • Soybean Grades and Discounts – Any soybeans not grading #1 Yellow are subject to the following discounts.
    • Moisture: click here for moisture discounts. Soybeans over 13% will be discounted, over 15% moisture will be rejected.
    • Foreign Material: All foreign material in excess of 1% shall be deducted from the gross weight.
    • All loads are graded and factored load by load. *Grades and moistures are not averaged.
  • MnSP's Deferred Payment Contract
    • Producers wishing to defer payment on soybeans must return a signed copy of the deferred payment contract.
    • Upon creation of the deferred payment contract, producers must choose which calendar year they wish to defer the payment to.
    • Price later payments will be paid no later than January 9th, 2011. Checks will be mailed and will not be available for pick-up.
    • There will not be a premium paid on deferred payment beans.

All policies and programs are subject to change without notice.