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Fuel & Oil

Crude Soybean Oil

MnSP three main products for soybean oil. Crude Soybean Oil, Refined and Bleached Oil (RB Oil), and Biodiesel. Loading of these products are available on truck and rail. Crude soybean oil is sold for further processing by our customers or to produce RB oil. Crude soybean oil has many uses, food, feed, and energy production. MnSP soybean oil products meet all NOPA standards.

Refined and Bleached Oil

Refined and bleached oil can be sold for further processing by our customers or used in our biodiesel production facility. Soaps are removed during processing and are available for sale as soap stock for the feed market.


Biodiesel is an alternative fuel source for blending with conventional diesel fuel to create a cleaner burning fuel. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel which reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. MnSP offers B100 and B99.9 and can be loaded on truck or rail. Crude glycerin and fatty acid are co-products removed in the production of biodiesel.  MnSP is proud to be BQ 9000 certified.